ISO-9001 Certified

Optimus Services certified by ISO 9001-2009 Quality Management System.

Customer Focus

Service-oriented customer - main priority of our company and build our strategy.

Compliance with moral principles

We always seek to comply to moral principles and values of our company

Compliance with international standards

We always comply and build our business according to Transportation International rules and Kazakhstan laws.


  • February 04.14

    Our company Certfied ISO 9001-2009  "Quality Management System"

  • February 26.14

    Arranged International shipments by air, truck and railways.

  • Januar 08.13

    Best brains came together for arrangement the best service.


  • All tasks performed in time with respective quality

    B. Mazhmanov - Tulpar-Talgo
  • Reliable and professional partner

    Olzhas Akhmetov - Alstom
  • TOO Optimus Services, customer-oriented, skilled team.

    M. Sundetov - Sembol Construction
  • TOO Optimus Services, a reliable service provider.

    S. Tashenov - BI Group
  • TOO Optimus Services carries out all its obligations specified in the contract terms.

    I. Zharkhinbaev - Talgo, Patentes Talgo
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